02 Aug 06:45

Alfa Romeo And FIAT of Maple Shade

US > New Jersey > Moorestown-Lenola

-Questions about FIAT, questions about the studio, questions about us, or even questions about questions we ask!

-Pictures and videos of you and your awesome ride: cruisin' to the beach, hitting up the grocery store, or on the wide open road. From the first day of purchase to years later, we want to see you and your car's lovely journey through life!

-Reviews of your experience within the studio, at the service station or with our brand in general! We want to hear anything you have to say, whether it be good or bad. Any feedback helps us improve!

NOT THIS :-( :-(

-Profanity or explicit language. Let's keep a friendly atmosphere, ya'll! Don't say anything abusive, demeaning, discriminatory, or just plain rude. We're all for constructive criticism, but we want to keep the good vibes vibin'.

-Off-topic posts. As much as Facebook is all about over-sharing information (what you had for breakfast, what your baby did while potty training..), let's stick with cars, FIAT, and the community. That's PLENTY to keep us talking!

-Advertisements and SPAM. Because there's enough of that out there already!

We reserve the right to delete any posts that do not align with our guidelines. And if you repeatedly post inappropriate material, you're gettin' the boot - don't take it personally! We just want to have a warm and comfy community. So let the fun begin!

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