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Anemurium also called Animurium, is an ancient city whose ruins, now called Eski Anamur or Anemuryum, are close to the modern Turkish city of Anamur. It was in the Roman province of Cilicia, later Isauria, and was situated near a high promontory (Cape Anamur) that marks the southernmost point of Asia Minor, only 64 km from Cyprus. In medieval times, it was called Stallimur.

Anemurium was already in existence in the Hellenistic period. In AD 52, it was besieged by a local tribe, known as the Cietae, led by Troxobor, but Antiochus IV of Commagene broke the siege and after executing Troxobor and a few of the leading chieftains, pardoned the rest. It was under threat from a similar quarter in 382. Coins from its mint survive from the time of Antiochus IV of Commagene (38–72) to Valerian (253–259). In 260, it was captured by the Sasanians, an event that sent Anemurium into decline for many decades,  but it continued to be prosperous until the mid-7th century when it was

more or less completely abandoned, probably because the Arab occupation

of Cyprus made the coast unsafe.