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Blaundus was a Roman episcopal city in Asia Minor, presently Anatolia (Asian Turkey), and is now a Latin Catholic titular bishopric.

The city was the seat of a bishopric in the Roman and Byzantine era. He was a suffragan of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Sardes, also in Lydia. It was part of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and was suffragan of Archdiocese of Sardis.

The diocese is known by the names Blaundus, Blandus and Balandus,

in the 5th century AD, the bishopric was connected to the diocese

center at Sebaste. The last record of Blaundus dates from the 12th century

There are three bishops assured of here. At the synod Arian of

Seleucia in 359, Phoebus distanced himself from his fellow Aryans taken,

signed the orthodox formula drafted by Acacio of Caesarea, and for this reason he was deposed. Elijah took part in the Council of Chalcedon of 451, while Onesiphore signed a letter written by the bishops of Lydia to ' Emperor Leo in 458 following the killing of Proterius of Alexandria. In the Council of Constantinople (879-880) that rehabilitated Photius we find a Eustathius of Alandos, but there is no evidence that this is Balandus.

Today Blaundus survives as titular bishopric; the seat has been vacant since January 31, 1971. Several Bishops have been recorded.