02 Aug 07:38

Cefalo Law: Oschal - Kwak - Albert

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Mike Cefalo wants his clients to know that he and his attorneys are completely loyal to them without any distractions or other interests. “We've never represented any insurance company and never will,” he says, “We are fiercely independent of insurance companies.”

“We don't want lawyers with Wall Street backgrounds; we encourage them not to apply. I'm not impressed with degrees and certifications. We don't even hang our diplomas on our walls. I don't hire diplomas to work here. I hire people.”

The lawyers at Cefalo and Associates have no retainers, no solicitorship and no member of the professional staff sits on any company board. Cefalo and Associates represents only people and we like it that way.

There is one other thing Mike Cefalo wants his clients to know: he and his associates take their obligations one step beyond legal and ethical standards. They are committed to being moral as well. “We constantly ask ourselves if we are being moral, and are we doing the right thing? We never want to lose sight of that.”

All of our attorney’s give free consultations and free legal advice. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. All of our lawyers are people oriented individuals. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions that you might have about the services our firm provides.

Website: http://www.cefalolawfirm.com