02 Aug 08:30

CTA Red Line - Morse Station

US > Illinois > Rogers Park

The station was first constructed in 1908, and rebuilt in 1921 as the line was elevated. This mostly brick and concrete station remains today, with only minor renovations and changes made, the most recent being in 2004. A Chicago Police Department video camera was recently installed at the station, in response to community complaints of drug dealing, prostitution, and panhandling nearby. The Rogers Park Metra commuter railroad station is five blocks to the west of Morse station on Lunt Avenue.

There are several businesses that are also housed in the building containing the station. Under the Morse Avenue viaduct are Morse El Liquors and Leni Blumyin, DPM. A newsstand that previously operated in the station house is now closed. The storefronts under the Lunt Ave exit at the north end of the station are empty. The Heartland Cafe is across the street.

Website: http://www.transitchicago.com/travel_information/station.aspx?StopId=104