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Grand Family Dentistry

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What Makes Us Grand!

The Doctors and staff at Grand Family Dentistry are dedicated to taking care of your oral health, from cleanings that make your teeth sparkle to corrective procedures that restore your mouth's overall health. At Grand Family Dentistry we emphasize personalized dentistry - that means we're here to help you understand the wide range of options available to meet your dental needs - at a price you can afford.

Our skilled professionals are committed to the highest standards of dental care and to ensuring that every patient leaves our office with a bright and healthy smile. Whether you just need regular cleanings and check-ups or you have a more complex dental problem, the staff will ensure that you are well cared for, whether it is an emergency or a routine appointment.

Don't wait any longer to consult with an experienced dentist. Call Grand Family Dentistry at (225) 372-7699 or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation.

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