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Huggin Molly's

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You’ll almost wonder if you’ve stepped through a time machine when you visit this special place in the heart of downtown Abbeville, Alabama. Huggin’ Molly’s® Restaurant hearkens back to those days when life seemed simpler.

Our loyal fans and newest friends always find something to enjoy here —whether it’s sweet treats from an authentic soda fountain or a trip down memory lane thanks to an incredible collection of antiques. The atmosphere buzzes with helpful servers and happy customers, plus delightful favorites from 1950s music.

Folks from all over can’t get enough of the tantalizing aroma of delicious meals, served up with a slice of history and a heapin’ helping of down-home Southern hospitality. Stop in and see for yourself. Huggin’ Molly’s® Restaurant not only takes you back in time, but is sure to bring you back again soon.

A Family Affair
A love of cooking is in the Rane blood. Anthony Rane - the family patriarch known to locals as Mr. Tony - was born to Italian immigrants who brought from the home country traditions going back for generations. At his mother’s side, he learned that cooking is not a duty, but an opportunity to spread the joys of friendship and love of family. And meals are treasured moments.

The Legend of Huggin' Molly
Generations of Abbeville children have listened wide-eyed to their parents tell the story of Huggin’ Molly. They have hurried home on nights lit only by the moon’s glow, certain they saw something in the shadows, afraid she would be around the next corner.

The versions of who Huggin’ Molly actually was vary. But one frequent description depicts her as a giant of a woman, maybe 7 feet tall and as big around as a bale of cotton.

Some say her ghost still walks the streets of Abbeville late in the night, sweeping her black skirt as she goes. If she happens upon you, she chases you down, gives you a huge hug and screams in your ear.

 Jimmy Rane, an Abbeville native and lifelong resident, grew up hearing the legend of Huggin’ Molly. For him and his friends, she was as real as the trees that rustled in the wind at night.

 “Anybody who grew up in Abbeville grew up knowing the legend of Huggin’ Molly,” Jimmy says. “If your mother or dad didn’t want you to be out after dark, they’d tell you Huggin’ Molly would get you. And you believed it, too.”

 One night, Jimmy and his good friend Tommy Murphy heard the story from Tommy’s dad. He told them he knew Huggin’ Molly was real because she had sprung from the shadows and hugged him one night. They were convinced it had to be true.

To this day, hearts beat faster as the moon rises in the sky over Abbeville. Huggin’ Molly, dressed all in black, could show up at any time.

Address: 129 Kirkland St, Abbeville, AL 36310, United States
Te: +13345857000