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ITI Technical College

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Whether you are considering a new career or adding to your present abilities, ITI stands ready to help you with the important step you are about to take. For over 40 years, we have assisted thousands of individuals in fulfilling their dream for a better life.

American business and industry needs skilled technical workers. Our nation must have a well-trained workforce in order to compete in the world market in the 21st century. ITI Technical College began pursuing this goal in the 1970s and we have graduated over 10,000 technicians to work in today’s high paying occupations.

You will be impressed with our programs, facilities and staff. We are here to serve you so that your dream of a better life can come true.

Earl J. Martin, Jr., an instrument technician, founded ITI in 1973. He developed the teaching philosophy and personal interest in the student, which are still the guiding principles of ITI today. ITI received accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools, now the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges in 1981. ITI began offering classes at its current facilities in 1979. Since then, courses have been added to the curriculum to widen the scope of the students and to more directly serve the needs of the business and industrial community.

ITI was formed to fit the needs of the businesses located in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast region. The objective of ITI remains the same as when it was founded: to train personnel to meet the job requirements of a progressive technological age. In its more than forty years of operation, ITI has believed in that objective and it shows with ITI graduates being placed nationwide as they go forth to meet the rising demands for trained technicians.

Website: http://www.iticollege.edu