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JAB Fitness

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What we're all about....

At JAB Fitness, we cater to everyone, from fighters to the

average person looking for a fun and effective way to stay

in shape. Located in Tempe Arizona, we provide fitness

programs in the form of Boxing, Kickboxing Fitness

Classes, and self defense for children, woman and

adults of every age.

Whatever class you choose, we will get you

motivated, moving, punching and kicking to help you

reach your fitness goals.

Unlike those other

gyms that hire aerobic instructors, our professional instructors have

real life Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai

experience. Not only will you be burning up to 800 - 1000

calories per class but you will be learning proper

technique and self defense, all at the same time.

We provide boot camp style classes for those who are

trying to lose weight and tone, as well as a very structured

children’s program that will allow them to burn off energy

and learn to use their skills responsibly.

Check out our extensive class schedule to see what

works for you.

Our Fitness Classes Include:

• Boxing

• Kickboxing

• Muay Thai

• Bootcamp Classes

• Suspension Training

• Yoga

• Dance

• Systema

• Sparring Lessons

• Structured Programs for Children and Youth

• Personal Training Sessions

Website: http://www.jabfitnessaz.com