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Lochmuehle Eigeltingen

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The Lochmühle Eigeltingen is an over 400 year old farm, which has been transformed into an attractive leisure park for young and old.

Everyone is talking about adventure gastronomy - the Lochmühle has you!

With its ideal infrastructure, the Lochmühle in southern Germany is one of the largest providers of company events that can be booked all year round - it is certainly the most innovative.

All events take place on their own premises (500,000 m²) and can be reached on foot (max. 500m). A floodlight system creates a very special atmosphere after dusk.

Farm fun:

Basically, our events are suitable for all ages, since participation does not make any particular demands on fitness or physical condition. There is no maximum age. Children can participate in most of the activities. With the few exceptions, it is possible to offer a child-friendly alternative in parallel. So no one has to wait or watch.
Of course, your event can be combined with a meal in our restaurant, a conference, a barn festival and also with overnight stays in the hotel or in the barn camp.
The price depends on the selected building blocks, the group size and the season.

ATV tours :
Guided quad tour

Your tour takes you over slopes and steep curves in our own quarry and special terrain, the Hirsch Trail and much more.

This quad tour promises plenty of driving fun for both beginners and advanced riders and is particularly suitable for groups.

Technical and safety briefing
Put on protective equipment
Driving on the gravel track

Adventure quarry:
... and let's go!
Our quarry adventure attraction consists of several harmless tests of courage:

The absolute highlight is the Flying Fox campaign including Germany's longest cable car, which is open all year round and is 350m long and 60m high. You put on climbing harnesses, are then attached to a roller on a steel cable and cross the gorge in the original quarry in a rushing shot ride. An extraordinary result that you will not soon forget.

Or abseiling over a ca. 40 meter high overhanging rock face, a thrill of a special kind, yet completely harmless. The highlight - after professional instruction, you abseil yourself.

The use of the quarry adventure does not require any special fitness or physical condition. There is no minimum age.

Through the personal care - all participants are personally secured by our trained and experienced staff at each station - we guarantee optimal safety with the greatest possible fun.

Carriage rides:
We relax - you relax!
Contemplative carriage rides are a wonderful and by no means everyday experience for all participants and, depending on requirements, either an eventful leisure activity for the whole family or significant hours of rest, relaxation and relaxation in a small group or as a couple. Young people also appreciate this.

Our offer ranges from excursions with the classic carriage or the sociable covered wagon, picnic tours in a rustic ambience, mulled wine rides under a wintry woolen blanket, stylish wedding rides with an original white wedding carriage to idyllic cross-country trips that bring your (holiday) region from one present a completely different perspective.

Also as a nice gift and also for many other occasions, such trips powered by real horsepower are available.

Driving, so Kutscher say, is the art of combining strength and speed through individual vision, recognition and skill in harmony 
and grace.

Address:  Hinterdorfstraße 44, 78253 Eigeltingen, Germany
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