02 Aug 07:27

Luxe Kitchen & Lounge

US > Ohio > Detroit-Shoreway

Luxe is a Mediterranean-Italian bistro that strives to create a well-rounded menu from a culinary standpoint that is current yet approachable.

Our staff is committed to a high level of service without pretense creating a luxurious vibe for food, music, and friends to come together.

We serve hand-crafted cocktails with all fresh ingredients. We are dedicated to recycle—reuse—repurpose in every sense from our recycle bin open to the community to the mish-mosh aesthetic of our restaurant.

Our staff is made up of personalities that represent the times we live in now, experiences from the past to enliven what’s happening now, knowledge of cuisine, libation, and music to navigate through space and time with ease.

Website: http://www.luxecleveland.com