02 Aug 09:15

Mutt Works Inc.

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"Mutt Works Inc." is the joint venture of two ideas. Our original company "Action Canine" is a 25-year working dog program. Action Canine is composed primarily for "working dogs focused on: Personal Protection Sporting, Herding, Hunting and security work.

With our love of puppies and the desire to see them succeed at an early age, "Honorable Hounds" came to be. "Honorable Hounds" is an in-home canine life coaching program that has been developed over years of detailed canine training and studying.

The philosophy at "Mutt Works Inc." is simple:

Teach with a soft voice and a steady leash.

We believe in feeding the behaviors we want, not enabling the negatives..

We teach through active learning and show your pet how to behave in any given situation with consistent and on-point behavior development.