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Old Jefferson Community Care Center

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At Old Jefferson Community Care Center, we seek to combine quality care with an enriching experience. To attain our expectation of high quality care, residents and families will find that we are staffed with highly qualified personnel, including a physician who has an office at our center and is on site five days a week, and a registered dietician who heads our dietary department. In addition to education and experience of our staff, CommCare focuses on monthly continuing education topics and staff members have access to online education 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our staff specializes in providing skilled nursing, long term care and short term rehabilitation such as physical, speech, occupational and restorative therapies. Our state of the art facility works closely with other regional medical facilities with the transition to nursing homes. Old Jefferson Community Care Center takes pride in working with residents and their families for the best possible outcome, whether that means long term care or specialized rehabilitation.

Old Jefferson Community Care Center began the commitment to provide an enriching experience with our building itself. Visitors, residents and volunteers often comment on the beauty of the building and its many common areas. They also notice the atmosphere at Old Jefferson Community Care Center, where the many families, visitors and volunteers create a warm, home-like environment. Our commitment to enrichment reaches beyond the physical plant. Our staff is taking the journey to the "person first," philosophy of care. Dinning features tableside service where residents are offered choices and Old Jefferson Community Care Center has a refreshment bar that residents can enjoy at any time.

The emphasis of our Rehab Community is on rehab to home, where a wing of our center is dedicated to help individuals attain this goal. the emphasis on return to home creates an atmosphere where everyone encourages on another. In fact, while we still provide traditional long term, nearly half of those who turn to us for care, rehab and return home successfully.

We appreciate you visiting our page and we are here to answer any questions you may have specific to our facility or your loved one's long-term or short-term goals. We encourage those interested in our services to call today to schedule a tour.

Website: http://oldjeffersonccc.com/