02 Aug 12:15

Progressive Fighting Systems of Milford Ct

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Progressive Fighting Systems is an organization and a system of combat created by Paul Vunak, a senior student of Dan Inosanto. Inosanto was the protege of the legendary Bruce Lee and the only person ever certified by Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do. Techniques were chosen for efficiency and realism and include biting,eye gouging, striking with the head,elbows,knees and fighting on the ground.

The PFS concept is considered a system designed to be efficient in street combats, giving priority to stikes to the eyes, groin,blows with head, specializing in the trapping range, which is entered into using techniques such as one of Bruce Lee's favorites, the Straight Blast. These techniques form the base of what is known as Rapid Assault Tactics, also known as the R.A.T. program, the system of combat taught to the American special forces,such as the United States Navy SEALs, developed by Vunak due to the request made to him by that elite branch of special forces. The RAT comprises the favorite techniques of Bruce Lee in each of the four ranges of combat identified in the Jeet Kune Do philosophy and has been taught to over 300 Seal Team members including famed Seal Team 6. The goal of the R.A.T. is to neutralize an opponent within 9 seconds or less.

Passed down by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto, Paul Vunak to myself, and now from me to you.