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Resthaven Gardens Of Memory And Funeral Home

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Resthaven Gardens of Memory was opened by Mr. Johnny Ellis in 1953.The first pre-need sale was made in October of that same year. Resthaven is situated on a beautiful oak covered track of land located about a block east of Airline Highway, “Hwy 61”, and two miles from I-12 at 11817 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge, La.

Resthaven has 55 total acres of land. Approximately 30 acres have been developed into numerous beautifully landscaped gardens including Baby Land and Little Angels. Resthaven is noted for its bronze, Carrara marble statues and garden features imported from Italy. Carrara marble is very famous for the statuary quality used by the most famous sculptors in the world (Michelangelo, Canova, etc.). Another feature is the beautiful fountain just inside the entrance of the cemetery. The fountain is home to Resthaven's beloved swans. Families who visit the cemetery love to watch and feed the swans when they come to visit their loved ones.

Resthaven offers several types of burials such as traditional ground, double depth lawn crypts, private and family estates. Other types of above ground entombment include indoor climate controlled mausoleums, outdoor or garden view mausoleums, and private mausoleums. We also offer cremation niches in the mausoleum structures, cremation benches, and a new columnbarium.

The most notable change to Resthaven was the construction of Resthaven Funeral Home completed in October 2006. Having the funeral home on the cemetery grounds provides our families the best service possible because everything can be arranged at one convenient location

Website: http://www.resthavenbatonrouge.com/