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Rhodiapolis  also known as Rhodia  and Rhodiopolis , was a city in ancient Lycia. Today it is located on a hill northwest of the modern town Kumluca in Antalya Province, Turkey.

It is called Rhodia by Ptolemy (V, 3) and Stephanus Byzantius; Rhodiapolis on its coins and inscriptions; Rhodiopolis by Pliny the Elder, who locates it in the mountains to the north of Corydalla. The city was considered to have been founded by colonists from Rhodes; the name Rhodiapolis means Rhodian City in English.

Not much is known of the history of Rhodiapolis. It was a relatively small city in the Lycian League

with only one vote, but did have the right to mint coins. A notable

amount of silver coins produced in Rhodiapolis have been found.

In the Roman period the city became famous for being the home of the millionaire philanthropist Opramoas.

A monument was constructed in his memory close to the city's theater.

On the monument's walls is the longest inscription in Lycia,

commemorating his benefactions and the numerous honors bestowed on him.

According to these, Opramoas donated approximately 500,000 denarii

to twenty-eight cities in Lycia to repair the damage caused by an

earthquake between 140 and 143 AD. He also funded the construction of

two temples at Rhodiapolis. Heraclitus was another famous resident,

known for his oratory and knowledge of medicine.

According to inscriptions the city was a center for the cult of Athena Polias during the Hellenistic and Roman period.