02 Aug 12:45

SAWS Manufacturing

US > New Hampshire > Whitefield

SAWS Manufacturing is located in Whitefield, New Hampshire. This retail firearms business and full service gunsmith shop originally opened in 2001 in Poland, Maine. SAWS Manufacturing stands for Special Applications Weapons Systems. For the last 12 years SAWS MFG has been specializing in custom built weapons for a wide variety of clients including Military, Law Enforcement and civilian marksman.

The move to Whitefield, New Hampshire, represents the company’s commitment to meeting it’s clients needs by providing a larger retail space and greater opportunities for product development. We look forward to meeting you and talking about your firearms needs, stop on by grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair!

The man behind SAWS MFG is Bill Lauze. Bill was born into a sporting firearms family and grew up learning from his grandfather, a Maine Skeet Shooting legend for which he was named after. His family spent countless hours in the Maine woods hunting, fishing and camping. Bill started his professional career as a United States Marine where he received advanced training in riflemanship and the craft of long range shooting. Later Bill served as a local deputy sheriff and eventually teaching prior to opening SAWS MFG. Bill has always remained active in the competition shooting world and is an NRA certified instructor.