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Sherrill Manufacturing

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We are Sherrill Manufacturing and our brand is Liberty Tabletop, the only company still making flatware in the United States. Our company was founded in 2005 when current owners, Matt Roberts and Greg Owens, purchased the Oneida Ltd. flatware manufacturing facility, along with all of the manufacturing equipment, and formed Sherrill Manufacturing Inc., our manufacturing division. Liberty offers high quality 18-10 stainless steel flatware “direct from the factory to you” via our website https://libertytabletop.com.

We pride ourselves on quality product, quality service and the fact that our flatware is 100% Made in USA. There are over 20 patterns to choose from ranging in price from our entry level SMI line to Lux line. Liberty flatware products are competitively priced, but how? Manufacturing in the United States is clearly more expensive than outsourcing to low wage countries. By selling direct to you via Amazon we are able to eliminate the needless store and brand markups allowing us to offer a competitively priced product vs similar quality imports. Why is Made in USA important to us and to you?

There are many reasons, some you may have considered and other that you may not have thought of. Jobs and our economy is perhaps the biggest reason that the Made in America Movement is gaining momentum. Environmental concerns are also a big part about why Liberty Tabletop is an excellent choice. Our products are produced using municipal hydro power contacted through the City of Sherrill. We follow all State and Federal environmental laws, which here in the U.S. are among the world’s most earth friendly. Additionally, our products are produced in Central New York, thus are not transported half way around the world. All of this makes us the world’s most Eco-Friendly flatware manufacturer by far. Liberty Tabletop, Sherrill Manufacturing, also is concerned about the Health, safety and financial condition of our workers. Unfortunately in many countries workers are subject to deplorable and unsafe working conditions. Wages are subsistence at best and regrettably child and slave labor is commonplace. When you purchase products from Liberty Tabletop you can rest assured that none of these ethically irresponsible practices go into our products. The health and safety of many imported products is a topic of increasing concern. From lead in baby toys to formaldehyde in flooring, even radioactive metal products, the safety of imports is drawing increased attention by Americans. At Liberty Tabletop we use only the finest quality stainless steel melted and manufactured in the United States. No mystery metal in our flatware! We also do not use harsh chemicals and solvents in our manufacturing process, such as TCE, which is a known carcinogen and is present on many imported metal products.

Thank you for reading about our company and why we are proud to be “America’s Flatware Company”. We encourage you to try our products and are confident you will be delighted with their quality and the piece of mind they provide you and your family.

Website: http://sherrillmfg.com/