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Spirit Apotheosis

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At Spirit Apothecary Botanicals & Findings you will discover a vast selection of herbs and resins, reaching over 700 varieties, which makes us the largest herbal shop in Ohio! You will uncover hard to find items, such as, European Mandrake, Henbane, and many others. Native American botanicals have been lovingly grown and crafted by various tribes so that you can tap into the ancient spirit of the land. Also, you will see many precious resins and gums that have been used in ritual since ancient times around the globe.

You will find over 100 essential oils in our collection including precious oils like true Rose, Jasmine and Neroli. Crafted for you by Spirit Apothecary, are oils blended for ritual, magick, and aromatherapy. Essences of flowers and spices entice you away from the mundane woes of everyday life.

Enjoy an eclectic selection of crystals and stones, our collection reaches over 150 different types.. They are available in a variety of shapes, from spheres to massage wands, and tumbled to raw specimens.

Turn and browse the collection of books available; with selections in Shamanism, Herbalism (Magickal & Medicinal) , Witchcraft, World Religions, Divination, and many others. From beginner to adept, there are books for every path and learning level.

Around you, find many colors, shapes, and sizes of candles. Also available are candles with intent that are created under the correct moon phase and astrological sign.

Savor the scents of exotic imported and local incenses, in sticks, cones, ropes, and moldable forms.

Radiate your sacred space with images of archaic Gods and Goddesses. With many different Pantheons to choose from, you are bound to find the Deity you have been searching for.

There are many wonderful handmade items from around the globe to entice your spirit. These curios may be used for many things; including ritual and meditation, or that special something you have been looking for.

Browse the artwork and crafts by local Artisans. There are many wonderful artists that sell their work through our store. They make wonderful creations that are in need of a good home.

Stop at the jewelry display to peruse a collection of silver and stone treasures created by Spirit and man.

Spirit Apothecary Botanicals & Findings is owned and operated by more then 45 years of herbal knowledge!

To dispel a popular belief we welcome all religions and do not cater to just one. We treat each person as an individual, and respect that they have their own path to Spirit.

Website: http://www.spiritapothecary.com