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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

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The purpose of this Facebook page is to inform and connect the members St. Thomas Aquinas parish and to invite the community to events and activities.

This is a moderated online discussion hosted by St. Thomas Aquinas.

The St. Thomas Aquinas Faith Formation Department appreciates healthy, constructive debate and discussion; that means we ask that comments be kept civil in tone and reflect the charity and respect that marks Christian discourse.

It is understood that comments made by visitors do not necessarily reflect the positions of St. Thomas Aquinas and/or the teachings of the Catholic Church. Comments will not be removed simply because they express opinions in disagreement with the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, comments that may be deleted include those that contain:

• Vulgar language

• Personal attacks/bullying/harassment/inflammatory remarks against a person or group

• Links to sites that contain offensive material or attack the Catholic Church

• Spam

• Promotion of services, products, political organizations/agendas

• Information that is factually incorrect

• Content/comments off topic

St. Thomas Aquinas reserves the right to remove posts which/block posters who violate this policy.

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