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the Girl Spot

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Committed to Excellence

We at The Girl Spot are very definite in our beliefs on what makes a great pole dance class, and our experience proves it. The combined dance, gymnastics and fitness backgrounds of our owner and instructors give us a wealth of knowledge to pull from in creating our method of teaching students from beginner through advanced levels.

We continually review and refine our techniques to stay on top of current trends in pole fitness, and to bring our very best teaching practices to the public. Our classes follow a structured curriculum, with specific conditioning along the way for each level, which is designed to encourage strength, overall conditioning, and to teach our students how to use the correct muscle groups for the work they will do at each level.

You, the student, are our most valuable asset. It is our honor to teach you, and we are committed to excellent instruction!

Website: https://thegirlspotct.com/