22 May 23:00

Theatre at Halicarnassus

TR > Mu─čla Province > Bodrum

The Theatre at Halicarnassus,also known as Bodrum Antique Theatre (Turkish: Bodrum Antik Tiyatrosu, usually shortened as Antik Tiyatro), is a 4th-century BCGreco-Roman theatre located in Bodrum, Turkey. The theatre is considered to be built in a similar style to Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

Construction of the Theatre at Halicarnassus is attributed to the reign of the Carian Satrap Mausolos during the 4th century BC. Ancient theatre was enlarged and took its current form around 2nd century AD, during the Roman era.  With a cavea width of 86 meters and an 18 meters orchestra diameter, the theatre originally had a seating capacity of 10.000 to 13.000 people.

The theatre was renovated twice during 1970's and 1990's by the Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism.Currently the Antique Theatre is being used to host cultural events, such as Bodrum International Ballet Festival  and concerts of various Turkish and international artists, with a seating capacity of 10.000 people.