02 Aug 13:15

Vision Board, Inc.

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I’m a retired US Army Veteran and founder of Vision Board, Inc.; a non-profit organization. In late 2014, I created a Vision Board; it helped me focus, changed my life, and mindset. I placed it in an area where I could see it every day; resulting in one of my major accomplishments of completing my Associates Degree with Honors. I’ve assisted some friends and family members in creating one and enjoy listening to their numerous testimonies of success. In today’s society, there are so many distractions and mental barriers that keep us from reaching our full potential. It’s my belief that everyone has a gift and purpose. I want to help to make one’s dream a reality!

Vision Board, Inc. has partnered with the Huntsville Downtown Rescue Mission, Women Recovery Program. The women in the 12-month program achieve life-long change and freedom from problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, emotional, mental, and physical abuse.

It’s our mission to provide guidance on how to create a Vision Board and inspire the women to pursue their dreams through self-empowerment, motivation, purpose, and accountability.

One person Vision can change a Country; a revolution of visionaries can change a Nation!!

Website: http://www.visionboardinc.org