02 Aug 18:15

Welk Security & Trust Health Insurance Broker

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I started Welk Security & Trust in 2006 after working as a Pharmaceutical

Representative for a number of years. I decided to start my business brokering health insurance because there were many solutions that addressed my clients needs.

My first two years were spent learning the industry and helping build the largest health insurance carrier, in the Spokane market, with their Medicare Advantage products.

Over the last 7 years, Mary Steppe (Office Manager) and myself have built a client-focused insurance agency. We help others by comfortably navigating them through the expensive and often confusing mass of information about health insurance.

As a natural extension, we have diversified and offer other types of insurance where can save clients money, time, and hassle.

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Rob Welk

Website: http://www.robertwelk.com